Team Rush Duraspark upgrade


This upgrade is for the AMC 258 engine



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For 258 I-6, '78 to '90

The cap adaptor is the bottom half of a two piece distributor cap arrangement that Ford has been using for over 20 years with great success.
The cap adaptor raises the distributor cap up away from the distributor housing, making it harder for the spark energy created by the ignition coil to go to ground and cause an ignition misfire.
Cap Adaptor.
82 Ford F-150 Pickup, with 300 CID I-6, about $5.
Wells (Auto Zone and others) P/N F-960
GP Sorensen (Advanced Auto and others) P/N FR-109
Delco P/N F-334

Make sure it's the screw down type, and not the quick clip type.
(Adaptors are attached with screws or quick clips, All the distributor caps are quick clip)

Wider cap spreads out the plug wire terminals. This extra spacing helps prevent cross fires of ignition energy. Brass terminals also conduct electricity much better than cheap aluminum terminal caps. These updated caps have spark plug type terminals and use late model high energy plug wires.
The taller rotor keeps the spark energy from jumping to ground through the distributor shaft, or to the distributor housing.
Cap & Rotor,
Premium, brass terminals, For 82 Ford F-150 Pickup, with 300 CID I-6, about $15.
(Auto Zone) Conrad P/N F-2104-G
(Advanced Auto) Standard Blue Streak P/N KCR-202X

Changing to high energy style plug wires is mandatory when you upgrade the distributor cap. Late model plug wires will deliver more of the spark energy to the spark plug, and have better insulation, and terminal ends than the out dated stock type spark plug wires.
Spark Plug Wires,
Premium store brand, For '86 Ford F-150 Pickup, with 300 CID I-6 WITH E.E.C. for the correct coil wire for the E-core (TFI) coil (spark plug boots on both ends of the coil wire for the E-core 'TFI' style coil),
Without E.E.C. for the correct coil wire for the factory stock can coil, $20 to $50.
Look for spiral core wires if you can find them.
Stay away from solid core wires.

The E-core (TFI) style ignition coil is a terrific upgrade to any stock DuraSpark ignition.
It nearly doubles useable spark energy over canister type coils, and has the much more desirable spark plug type terminal.
It's a direct replacement for the canister coil on Jeeps '78 to '90.
For 86 Ford F-150 Pickup, with 300 CID I-6 WITH E.E.C. for the TFI COIL.
(Advanced Auto) GP Sorensen P/N GC-407 S, about $45. Premium Recommended.
(Advanced Auto) GP Sorensen P/N GC-407, about $15. Economy.
(MSD) TFI Premium Coil, P/N 8227, $45.
(NAPA) TFI Premium Coil, P/N IC24, $48.

For 84 Ford F-150 Pickup, with 300 CID I-6 Without E.E.C., CAN COIL
(MSD) Ford Round 'Can' Premium Coil, P/N 8205, $33.


If you change from a canister coil to a E-core (TFI) style coil, you will need to change the coil connector.
Coil Connectors,
(NAPA) TFI Coil Connector, P/N ICC1, $13.
(Standard Ignition) Motorcraft TFI Coil Connector, P/N S-539 $11.

(NAPA) Ford Round Coil 'Horse Shoe' Connector, P/N ICA102, $8.50.
(Standard Ignition) Motorcraft 'Can' Coil Connector, P/N S-583, $5.

You DO NOT have to replace the module on the DuraSpark ignition system, it will power the system adequately in most low RPM, stock configuration situations.

If you decide to enhance your ignition system, the most cost effective upgrade you can make it adding a MSD 6 series module.
MSD increases all useable spark energy levels 100 to 1,000 %, and for the basic 6 series module can be had for around $135.

MSD 6A, most basic module that provides real Capacitive Discharge and Multiple Spark Discharge. Around $135.
MSD 6T, MSD 6AL, up to $175.
MSD Off Road, Up to $250.

All items listed are very easy to install, and everything except the E-core coil and MSD module require NO MODIFICATION at all.
They are all direct replacement parts for tune up parts you have to change anyway.